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Sr No.Tender No.PA Ref No.TitlePurchasing AuthorityInitial Bond (BHD)Tender Fees (BHD)Validity Of The Initial BondTender ClosingTender OpeningAdsInternal Tender
1RFP/GCPD/2020/1RFP/CPD/2020-001Purchase of computer hardware, licensed software and extended warrantyMinistry of Finance and National Economy-Central Procurement1000.000100.0006 Months15-Nov-2020 13:3016-Nov-2020 8:00N
2RFP/SFFDM/2020/1RDS-19/0061GENERAL FILLING, RECLAMATION AND MARINE WORKS FOR DEVELOPMENT OF EAST HIDD HOUSING ACCESS ROADS & JUNCTIONS (PACKAGE 1A – AVENUE 46 EXTENSION, ARAD)Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning (Saudi Fund for Development)0.000100.0006 Months08-Nov-2020 13:3009-Nov-2020 8:00N
3RFP/MOW/2020/13SPO/225/2020Design, Build and Operate Hydroponic Farms at Hoorat Aali and DirazMinistry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning (Works Affairs)5000.000100.0004 Months08-Nov-2020 13:3009-Nov-2020 8:00N
4RFP/INT/CSD/2020/29IN/CSD/FN/2020/159Saddle, FerruleCentral Stores Directorate - EWA500.00015.0004 Months02-Nov-2020 13:3003-Nov-2020 8:00Y
5RFP/MOW/2020/21SES-19/0060CONSULTANCY SERVICES FOR THE REHABILITATION OF TSE RESERVOIRSMinistry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning (Works Affairs)100.00015.0006 Months28-Oct-2020 13:3029-Oct-2020 8:00N
6RFP/MOE/2020/338/S/2019Wide Area Network (WAN), Internet and IP- Telephony Services (THREE YEARS)Ministry of Education5000.000100.0006 Months25-Oct-2020 13:3026-Oct-2020 8:00N
7RFP/BRC/2020/3TB20011FOR SUPPLY OF THREE PORTABLE FUEL STATIONS FOR BAPCO RETAIL COMPANYBapco Retail Company SPC1000.00050.0006 Months25-Oct-2020 13:3026-Oct-2020 8:00N
8RFP/BAPCO/2020/46T19723 (26)FOUR (4) YEAR AGREEMENT FOR PROVISION OF BULK ASPHALT HAULAGE SERVICESBahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco)5000.000100.0006 Months21-Oct-2020 13:3022-Oct-2020 8:00N
9RFP/INT/LF/2020/3 TC-437Advertising, Branding and PR Activities for Export Bahrain (Tamkeen)Tamkeen500.00015.0006 Months21-Oct-2020 13:3022-Oct-2020 8:00Y
10RFP/GF/2020/4320 -07-2178-BTBThe Implementation of Bulk saleable Flight Passes (Online)Gulf Air500.00030.0006 Months21-Oct-2020 13:3022-Oct-2020 8:00N
11RFP/INT/LF/2020/2TC-438‘Made in Bahrain’ - Marketing CampaignTamkeen500.00015.0006 Months21-Oct-2020 13:3022-Oct-2020 8:00Y
12RFP/INT/BAC/2020/11RFP/INT/BAC/2020/11Passenger Feedback SolutionBahrain Airport Company500.00015.0003 Months20-Oct-2020 13:3021-Oct-2020 8:00Y
13RFP/INT/TWR/2020/106TPC-1186-2020Supply of FittingsTatweer Petroleum W.L.L500.00015.0006 Months18-Oct-2020 13:3019-Oct-2020 8:00Y
14RFP/INT/TWR/2020/107 TPC-1185-2020Supply of StudboltsTatweer Petroleum W.L.L500.00015.0006 Months18-Oct-2020 13:3019-Oct-2020 8:00Y

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