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Sr No.Tender No.PA Ref No.TitlePurchasing AuthorityInitial Bond (BHD)Tender Fees (BHD)Validity Of The Initial BondTender ClosingTender OpeningAds
1TRA/RFP/2019/59TRA/RFP/2019/059Stationary Quality of Service Measurements Platform For Fixed and Mobile Broadband ServicesTelecommunication Regulatory Authority500.00030.0006 Months30-Jun-2019 13:3001-Jul-2019 8:00
2RFP/Bapco/2019-517T190017 (39)PROVISION OF SITE INVESTIGATION AND MATERIALS TESTING SERVICES.Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco)1000.00050.0006 Months26-Jun-2019 13:3027-Jun-2019 8:00
3BAC/290/2019BAC/290/2019Restoration Works of Bahrain Civil Aviation Affairs Head Quarter Building (BCAA HQ)Bahrain Airport Company5000.000100.0006 Months26-Jun-2019 13:3027-Jun-2019 8:00
4RFP20193926211993RDS-19/0006PRE –CONTRACT ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY SERVICES FOR UPGRADING INTERNAL ROADS AND STORM DRAINAGE AT BAHRAIN POLYTECHNIC CAMPUS (PACKAGE B)Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning (Works Affairs)100.00015.0006 Months26-Jun-2019 13:3027-Jun-2019 8:00
5RFP2019392721237319-04-1957-BTBAviation disinfection Services Provider for Gulf Air aircrafts including wet leased aircrafts, and pest control services for Bahrain Lounge, HDQ Premises, Offices, and Staff AccommodationGulf Air1000.00050.0006 Months23-Jun-2019 13:3024-Jun-2019 8:00
6BAC/288/2019BAC/288/2019Consultancy for Setup of Level 1 and Level 2 Service DeskBahrain Airport Company100.00030.0006 Months23-Jun-2019 13:3024-Jun-2019 8:00
7TRA/RFP/2019/60TRA/RFP/2019/060CONSULTANCY SERVICES TO CONDUCT A STUDY ON INTERNET OF THINGS (IoT)Telecommunication Regulatory Authority100.00015.0006 Months23-Jun-2019 13:3024-Jun-2019 8:00
8TRA/RFP/2019/61TRA/RFP/2019/061Consultancy Services to Develop a Study on Mobile ThreatsTelecommunication Regulatory Authority100.00015.0006 Months19-Jun-2019 13:3020-Jun-2019 8:00
9RFQ/Bapco/2019-397Q102758(24)THREE YEARS AGREEMENT FOR SUPPLY OF GROCERY & PERISHABLE ITEMS FOR USE IN BAPCO CLUB, REFINERY CAFETERIA, AL DAR AND AWALI HOSPITAL.Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco)4000.000100.0003 Months19-Jun-2019 13:3020-Jun-2019 8:00
10RFP20193926212671SES-17/0054UPGRADING OF SEWER NETWORK IN MUHARRAQMinistry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning (Works Affairs)2500.000100.0006 Months19-Jun-2019 13:3020-Jun-2019 8:00
11RFQ/Bapco/2019-395Q103040 (31)SUPPLY OF VARIOUS TYPES AND SIZES OF ELECTRIC CABLESBahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco)500.00030.0003 Months19-Jun-2019 13:3020-Jun-2019 8:00
12RFP/CA/22/2019 CA/TCS/3/2019Project of development of automated customs clearance system(OFOQ) - stage 2Customs Affairs - Ministry of Interior5000.000100.0006 Months19-Jun-2019 13:3020-Jun-2019 8:00
13TRA/RFP/2019/58TRA/RFP/2019/058Consultancy Service to assist in drafting a billing and metering regulationTelecommunication Regulatory Authority100.00015.0006 Months19-Jun-2019 13:3020-Jun-2019 8:00
14RFQ/Bapco/2019-396Q102763(24)THREE YEARS AGREEMENT FOR SUPPLY OF NON EDIBLE CATERING & CLEANING ITEMS FOR USE IN BAPCO CLUB, REFINERY CAFETERIA, AL DAR AND AWALI HOSPITALBahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco)1000.000100.0003 Months19-Jun-2019 13:3020-Jun-2019 8:00

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