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Sr No.Tender No.PA Ref No.TitlePurchasing AuthorityInitial Bond (BHD)Tender Fees (BHD)Validity Of The Initial BondTender ClosingTender OpeningAds
1RFP/MOT/87/2019 MTT/LTD/01/2019Transaction Advisor, Consultancy Services - Bahrain Metro Project Phase OneMinistry of Transportation and Telecommunications100.000100.0006 Months12-Jun-2019 13:3013-Jun-2019 8:00
2RFP/CA/22/2019CA/TCS/3/2019Project of development of automated customs clearance system(OFOQ) - stage 2 5000.000100.0006 Months22-May-2019 13:3023-May-2019 8:00
3RFP20193927210737 19-02-1943-BTBAppointment of Bahrain based Tailoring House (for stitching of Gulf Air Uniforms )Gulf Air2500.000100.0006 Months24-Apr-2019 13:3025-Apr-2019 8:00
4RFI-PQ/Bapco/2019-6PQ-2019-0001PUBLIC PRE-QUALIFICATION FOR PROVISION OF NON-MAN ENTRY CLEANING SERVICES FOR ABOVEGROUND STORAGE TANKSBahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco)0.00050.0003 Months24-Apr-2019 13:3025-Apr-2019 8:00
5RFP201912426210092MOH/134/2018Supply and Installation of Various Radiology/Laboratory/Medical Devices for Batelco (Henainiya) Health CenterMinistry of Health4000.000100.0006 Months24-Apr-2019 13:3025-Apr-2019 8:00
6RFP20193927210741 19-02-1935-BTBSupplying of Various types of linen itemsGulf Air1000.00050.0006 Months17-Apr-2019 13:3018-Apr-2019 8:00
7RFP201912426209246MOH/133/2018Demolishing and Reconstruction of Boundary Wall AT Budaiya H/C.Ministry of Health500.00030.0006 Months17-Apr-2019 13:3018-Apr-2019 8:00
8RFP201810247208112MUN/CMS/A24/2018Invest and Operate Sites For Restaurants and Cafes in Al Muharraq Grand ParkMinistry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning (Municipalities Affairs)4000.000100.0006 Months17-Apr-2019 13:3018-Apr-2019 8:00
9RFP/Bapco/2019-521T190008(39)PROVISION OF ENGINEERING SERVICESBahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco)100.000100.0006 Months17-Apr-2019 13:3018-Apr-2019 8:00
10RFP/MUH/2018/33MUN/MM/A22/2018Bidding for a number of 3-type Uni-Paul Park Prince KhalifaMuharraq Municipality1000.000100.0006 Months17-Apr-2019 13:3018-Apr-2019 8:00
11RFP/MUH/2018/32MUN/MM/A21/2018bidding for the launch of 4 sites of the type of Uni-Paul Park Al-Muharraq GrandMuharraq Municipality1000.00050.0006 Months17-Apr-2019 13:3018-Apr-2019 8:00
12BAC/262/2018BAC/262/2018Annual Maintenance contract for Vehicles and Equipment at Bahrain International AirportBahrain Airport Company4000.000100.0006 Months10-Apr-2019 13:3011-Apr-2019 8:00
13BAC/274/2019BAC/274/2018Cooling, Ventilation & Mechanical System Annual Operation & Maintenance Contract at Bahrain International AirportBahrain Airport Company5000.000100.0006 Months10-Apr-2019 13:3011-Apr-2019 8:00
14RFP/UOBP/3/2019UOBP/3/2019Construction of the Guard Building West Gate University of BahrainUniversity of Bahrain500.00030.0006 Months10-Apr-2019 13:3011-Apr-2019 8:00

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