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Sr No.Tender No.PA Ref No.TitlePurchasing AuthorityInitial Bond (BHD)Tender Fees (BHD)Validity Of The Initial BondTender ClosingTender OpeningAds
1RFP201810247206229MUN/CMS/A13/2018Investment In Seef Area (Seef Boulevard) In Complexes 428-346Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning (Municipalities Affairs)5000.000100.0006 Months20-Mar-2019 13:3021-Mar-2019 8:00
2RFP/BTEA/90/2018 90/2018Charter Operation - RussiaBahrain Tourism & Exhibition Authority (BTEA)1000.000100.0003 Months27-Feb-2019 13:3028-Feb-2019 8:00
3RFP20183926207166SES-17/0046PRE- CONTRACT CONSULTANCY SERVICES FOR DESIGNING SOUTHWEST STPMinistry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning (Works Affairs)100.000100.0006 Months20-Feb-2019 13:3021-Feb-2019 8:00
4RFP2019392720856118-12-1919-BTBSupplying of Various types of Service Ware for economy classGulf Air2500.000100.0006 Months20-Feb-2019 13:3021-Feb-2019 8:00
5RFP201812426207764MOH/131/2018Publish a Tender for supply Water coolers, Drinking Water Bottles and Paper Cups for all Ministry of Health sites.Ministry of Health500.00030.0006 Months13-Feb-2019 13:3014-Feb-2019 8:00
6RFP20183926208013SPD-18/0008Bahrain Polytechnic Campus Development Construction of Additional Floor to Block 19 – Package C Post Contract Engineering Consultancy ServicesMinistry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning (Works Affairs)100.00030.0006 Months13-Feb-2019 13:3014-Feb-2019 8:00
7RFP/BTEA/102/2018 BTEA 102/2018Monitoring, Following Up and Managing All Market Based Representative OfficesBahrain Tourism & Exhibition Authority (BTEA)500.00015.0003 Months13-Feb-2019 13:3014-Feb-2019 8:00
8RFP/CA/21/2018CA/TCS/21/2018REFURBISHMENT WORKS TO CUSTOMS OFFICE AT HIDDCustoms Affairs - Ministry of Interior4000.000100.0006 Months13-Feb-2019 13:3014-Feb-2019 8:00
9RFP/MOW-SFFD/2018/1 SES-18/0011ADVANCE WORKS FOR AL FATEH HIGHWAY (AFH) UPGRADE PROJECT – JUFFAIR GHURAIFAH TRUNK SEWERMinistry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning (Saudi Fund for Development)0.000100.0006 Months13-Feb-2019 13:3014-Feb-2019 8:00
10BAC/246/2018BAC/246/2018Supply of Mobile Elevating Working Platforms (MEWP), Spare parts, consumables and Services at BIABahrain Airport Company4000.000100.0006 Months13-Feb-2019 13:3014-Feb-2019 8:00
11RFP/Tatweer/193/2018RFP/Tatweer/193/2018WELLHEAD WELDING SERVICESTatweer Petroleum W.L.L1000.00050.0004 Months13-Feb-2019 13:3014-Feb-2019 8:00
12RFP/BTEA/106/2018BTEA106/2018Bahrain Bay Beach Maintenance & SecurityBahrain Tourism & Exhibition Authority (BTEA)500.00015.0003 Months10-Feb-2019 13:3011-Feb-2019 8:00
13RFP/INFO/2018/84INFO/16/2018Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Transformer, 500KVA Diesel generator, ATS, UPS and LV Main panels including General Electric Works for new news studios at MIA (2018)Ministry of Information Affairs1000.000100.0006 Months06-Feb-2019 13:3007-Feb-2019 8:00
14BAC/269/2018BAC/269/2018SUPPLY OF AIRPORT CLEANING MACHINEY, SPARE PARTS, CONSUMABLES AND SERVICESBahrain Airport Company2500.000100.0003 Months06-Feb-2019 13:3007-Feb-2019 8:00

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