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Sr No.Tender No.PA Ref No.TitlePurchasing AuthorityInitial Bond (BHD)Tender Fees (BHD)Validity Of The Initial BondTender ClosingTender OpeningAds
1RFP/INFO/2019/102INFO/18/2019Six Radio Stations Transmission & Antenna Network Project at MIAMinistry of Information Affairs4000.000100.0006 Months12-Feb-2020 13:3013-Feb-2020 8:00
2RFP/INFO/2019/101INFO/17/2019Six Radio Stations Equipment, Automation, Editing and MCR Setup Project at MIA (2019)Ministry of Information Affairs4000.000100.0006 Months05-Feb-2020 13:3006-Feb-2020 8:00
3RFP/INFO/2019/104INFO/20/2019Electrical LV Network Development & Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Standby DG System, ATS And LV Main Panels Including Civil Works At MIAMinistry of Information Affairs2500.000100.0006 Months29-Jan-2020 13:3030-Jan-2020 8:00
4RFP/MOI/2019/5108/2019supply of laboratory items for moi (termed tender for 3 years)Ministry of Interior1000.00050.0006 Months26-Jan-2020 13:3027-Jan-2020 8:00
5RFP201939242200552019-131-RP-FRSDSUPPLY OF GENERAL CLEANING SERVICES FOR ELECTRICITY AND WATER AUTHORITY PREMISESElectricity and Water Authority5000.000100.0004 Months22-Jan-2020 13:3023-Jan-2020 8:00
6RFP201912426220178MOH/012/2019Supply of DrugsMinistry of Health5000.000100.0006 Months22-Jan-2020 13:3023-Jan-2020 8:00
7RFP201939242199522019-193-RP-EPDMAINTENANCE OF OVERHEAD CRANESElectricity and Water Authority500.00015.0004 Months19-Jan-2020 13:3020-Jan-2020 8:00
8RFP/Tatweer/309/2019TP-515-2019 / CO-474-2019Provision of Medical and Life InsuranceTatweer Petroleum W.L.L5000.000100.0006 Months15-Jan-2020 13:3016-Jan-2020 8:00
9RFP201912426219156MOH/121/2019PURCHASING 2 AMBULANCES FOR KIDNEY DIALYSIS CENTER ( HUNAYNIYAH )Ministry of Health1000.00050.0006 Months15-Jan-2020 13:3016-Jan-2020 8:00
10RFP201939242196122019-186-RP-EPDSUPPLY OF FOOD AND CATERING SERVICES FOR HAWAR STAFF AT HAWAR ISLAND HAWAR POWER AND WATER STATIONElectricity and Water Authority500.00030.0004 Months15-Jan-2020 13:3016-Jan-2020 8:00
11BAC/310/2019BAC/310/2019Term Contract to Allocate Advertising, Marketing, Creative and Event Management Services Agency for Bahrain Airport CompanyBahrain Airport Company1000.00050.0006 Months15-Jan-2020 13:3016-Jan-2020 8:00
12RFP/Bapco/2019-563 T190076 (65)LONG TERM AGREEMENT FOR FIVE (5) YEARS FOR THE PROVISION OF CATALYST HANDLING SERVICES FOR SINGLE BED REACTORSBahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco)5000.000100.0006 Months15-Jan-2020 13:3016-Jan-2020 8:00
13RFP201939242188702019-166-PP-FRSDSUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF OFFICE FURNITURE FOR ELECTRICITY DISTRIBUTION DIRECTORATE NEW DUMISTAN EMERGENCY CENTERElectricity and Water Authority500.00015.0004 Months15-Jan-2020 13:3016-Jan-2020 8:00
14RFP/Tatweer/303/2019TP-440-2019Rod Service Rig & Associated ServicesTatweer Petroleum W.L.L5000.000100.0006 Months15-Jan-2020 13:3016-Jan-2020 8:00

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